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We at à la carte guys are all about making your events shine. We team up with some cool event planners and social media stars to create events that catch eyes and spark interest. Thinking of throwing something big for your restaurant or a product launch? We’ve got your back.

Why Choose Influencer Marketing for Your Event?
  • Big Audience: People really trust these internet celebs more than old-school ads. Getting them on board means more folks hearing about your brand in a good way.
  • Smart Spending: Putting money into this can really pay off. Imagine spending a buck and seeing $6.50 come back to you. That’s some solid investment.
  • Hits the Spot: These internet stars have followers who actually listen. This means your message goes straight to the people you want.
  • Youth Magnet: Youngsters dig these online personalities more than traditional celebs. So, they’re a big plus for making your event a hit with the younger crowd.
Our Approach

We begin by understanding your brand’s objectives and target audience. This insight guides our selection of influencers, ranging from nano to macro, ensuring the best fit for your campaign.

We then design a bespoke event strategy that aligns with your brand’s goals, leveraging influencers to amplify your message and engage your audience effectively.

Special Offer

We’re currently offering a free chat session to explore how this social media star strategy can take your next event from okay to awesome. Don’t miss this chance to make your event the talk of the town and get the best influencers involved in your promotions.

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